How To Purchase More Than One Product on Blazonshots


Hello! Welcome to Blazonshots!

Are you trying to order for an item but want to get that item in multiple quantities?

To do this, after clicking on “buy now” for the product you desire to purchase, and you’ve gotten to the checkout page, kindly click on the cart icon while on the checkout page as shown below:

Once you click on it, your cart will pop up at the center of your screen as shown below:

To increase the quantity of the item, kindly move your cursor to the item’s quantity number box to see the increment arrows as shown below:

Now you can either click on the arrows to increase the quantity number value, or you can choose to type in the desired quantity you want to purchase. After the increment, the total will be calculated automatically including the VAT based on your geographical location. After Increment, your cart will look like this:

To view the breakdown of the cost total, kindly click on view cart to see the breakdown as shown below:

Here, you will see the breakdown of the cost and you can apply a coupon code here if you have one or use your Blazonshot’s Gift card number to pay for the item if you have one by typing in the gift card number and clicking on “Apply gift card”. Then proceed to checkout to place your order.

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