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how-to guide for vendors

Hoist the Anchors High!!!

Hurray!!! It’s Blazon’s official launch party!!! Our doors are open to vendors and buyers and guess what?!!!

Posting is free!!!

Grab your catalog and start uploading!!! Yipeee!!!!

Great to have you here with us!

Now navigating a new product can be sometimes tricky! It can even get so uneasy that we ignore some things that we want to do on the platform all because we don’t even know how to get that thing done on the product! We can’t find it!! and we just give up on it!!! Honestly I don’t like stress and you too right?!

Great! That why we are here to take that burden totally off your shoulders.

We understand that sometimes you can get to a point and you are confused on where next to go while looking for a feature you need to use based on what you need to do on the platform, you get so frustrated and you abandon the product!

We’ve gat you!

We are here to make your onboarding process seamless, hassle-free, and exciting.

Ready?!!! Here we go!


Your most personalized gifting experience in Africa!

To get started,

Step 1: Register for Free

To register kindly click on the sign up+ button on mobile or on desktop, click on the user icon on the header, then click on create an account. After filling the form, click on the create an account button. Now go to your e-mail inbox in your registered mail address to verify your account. If you can’t find the mail in your inbox, check your spam folder and mark it as not spam for it to move to your inbox. Upon registration, your default account is a buyer’s account.

After having completed registration, to become a Vendor, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Migrate To a Vendors’ Account

To migrate to a vendor’s account, navigate to your dashboard, click on become a seller, then click on become a vendor.

Step 2: Submit Ads

To submit ads, navigate to your user dashboard, then click on Submit New Listing. Then get the product upload access which is Free* in order to be able to upload your listings. After getting the product upload access free Package, click on “In this package Submit Listing” to begin submitting your listings.

Steps to upload your listing:

  1. Type in the name of the product you want to list for sale in the ad title field.
  2. (optional) enter your phone number that buyers can use to contact you.
  3. (optional) type in your email address that buyers can use to contact you.
  4. Enter a description of your choice like: “A black leather bag available in different sizes, call or message to get the specific size of your choice”. Then click Next.
  5. On the next section, choose the category that best identifies your product for buyers to easily find when looking for products under that category and add details of the product like its characteristics that can also help buyers looking for a specific item like that to easily find it, if those details are available for you to add in your product category.
  6. Choose the condition of the product, choose new if it’s a brand new item or used if it’s UK used.
  7. Choose if the price of the item falls under 10,000 NGN (Naira) or not.
  8. Choose if you are going to put the item in a gift wrapper before sending to the buyer or not. Then click Next .
  9. On the next section, select the pricing type you want to use for your item/listing. Select:
  10. a. Fixed: for a fixed product price not negotiable
    b. Auction: if you want the product to have bindings in form of pricing by buyers where the highest bidder gets it.
    c. Free: if you want the product to be free to cost 0 NGN for buyers to obtain.
    d. Negotiable: for when you want to buyers to know that they can call you to negotiate on the price of the item in order for you to reach out to Blazonshots for a coupon code unique to your shop to give a specific amount of discount on the computed product price for the specific customer at checkout.
    e. Per Month: If your product is a service package that is to be renewed per month by the buyer
    f. Per Week: If your product is a service package that is to be renewed per week by the buyer
    g. Per day: If your product is a service package that is to be renewed per day by the buyer
    h. Per hour: If your product is a service package that is to be renewed hourly the buyer.
  11. Then type in the name of your store in the store referral field, it will be used to generate a link on your Blazonshots shop page that buyers can use to refer other buyers to your shop specifically on
  12. Next, type in the price of your product in the price field. This is the price that buyers will pay when purchasing your product. You can leave the sales price field empty.
  13. (Optional) Next, the sales price field is where you would input a discounted price of your product, the amount you put in this field must be lower than the amount you put in the Price field in step 11. as this is meant to be a discount amount, this will then be the actual price buyers will use in purchasing your product. The price amount would then only be for display.
  14. Next add your stock quantity: this is number of physical quantity you currently have with you on that item. Then click next. When the stock quantity of your listing reduces to 0 (zero) the listing will no longer be available on the Blazonshots market, to relist it and make it accessible again, go to the listings section on your dashboard to update the listing, click on edit ‘the pencil icon on the listing’ to edit it the listing and go to the price section to increase the stock quantity to the number you currently have physically. Then click Next.
  15. On the address section, please skip, click Next.
  16. On the media section, upload any amount and any type of media you want to upload. Then click Next.
  17. On the next section, promotion, if the number of uploaded media in a specific media type like image is above the allowed number of media your package gives you access to, you will then purchase additional media slots for each of the media items that exceeded the allowed amount. For example, if you are on the trial package and you have only 4 images free to upload, free means it is covered by the package you are on, and you upload 10 images, on the promotions section, you will get a calculated amount of the 6 images added on top the 4 free images, you will then purchase the 6 slots for the images in order to be able to upload them and submit your listing. If your listing isn’t submitted successfully after paymenusing 59 seconds, please send us a mail at
  18. To submit your listing after entering all your desired details, click on Submit listing.

Voila! Congratulations! You have submitted your listing with on Blazonshots.

Step 3: Get Exposure

Upon joining Blazonshots’ platform and uploading your product, you have begun to gain maximum exposure. To get more exposure on the Blazonshots’ platform, while creating your listing for submission, under promotions, you can opt for any of our promotional packages to get your product in front of our customers above other products in your category.

Step 4: Grow Business

Continuously host your product(s) on the Blazonshot’s platform and experience an exponential increase in your revenue.

Kindly add your account details to your Blazonshots account in order to recieve payments of your purchased products at every daily payout. By going to the earnings section on your user dashboard,

then click on payout settings

On payout settings choose your preferred mode of receiving payments either through your PayPal account or via bank transfer.

After successful registration or/and successful product upload, kindly follow this link: to join the Blazonshots vendors community telegram group for a centralised information dispersal system.

Kindly watch the video above to allow us to guide you on the above-listed steps visually to make it easier for you to implement. Then click on Start Now to follow the steps as you watch the video.

Sound good?! Great! Let’s go to the video!

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